BePa@VIB Proteomics Summer School

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Course material

This material belongs to a Summer school with face-to-face sessions.

Day 1

  • Slides Proteomics summer school: intro (Maarten Dhaenens)
  • Slides Proteomics applications: overview (An Staes)
  • Slides Proteomics applications: protein modifications (Kris Gevaert)
  • Slides Proteomics applications: protein-protein interactions (Kris Gevaert)
  • Slides Proteomics applications: proteogenomics (Gerben Menschaert)
  • Slides Sample preparation part 1 (An Staes)
  • Slides Sample preparation part 2 (Kris Gevaert)

Day 2

  • Slides Data dependent acquisition: the basics and instrument design (An Staes)
  • Slides Data independent acquisition: the basics (Maarten Dhaenens)
  • Slides Data independent acquisition: the basics (version of An Staes)
  • Slides Other acquisitions: MRM/PRM/… (An Staes)

Day 3

  • Slides DIA: Data structure and analysis (Maarten Dhaenens)

Day 4

  • Slides Protein identification (Lennart Martens)
  • Tutorial bioinformatics for proteomics (Lennart Martens)
  • Software (Lennart Martens)

Day 5