erc applications for starters and consolidators: tips & tricks

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The ERC (European Research Council) supports excellent scientists at different steps in their career. It provides highly competitive grants for both beginning and experienced scientists.

This training provides you with unique insights in the application process of ERC funding. You will learn what reviewers are looking for. Unique hands-on exercises with real VIB ERC applications will help you to craft a strong application, assess its strengths and remedy its weaknesses. We will show you the basics of a strong abstract, the key steps in writing proposals, and mitigation plans. Finally, we will help you in composing the strongest possible CV.


To provide researchers with a good understanding of:

  • The ERC criteria and how reviewers use them to evaluate the excellence of applicants and proposals.
  • How to formulate a strong research question and write a research proposal that takes the specificities of the panel into account.
  • How to build your CV.

This training will give you the insights to write a highly competitive grant proposal that meets the stringent ERC standards and bring you closer to achieving your goals.

In these exercises, you will find many tips & tricks to write a successful ERC grant application.

As you have seen in our course, every single part of the grant or document that needs to be completed for the application is important.

Therefore, we have embedded one or more exercises for each of these points.

Upon completion of the exercises, you should feel confident to write your own ERC application.