Gentle introduction to python

Welcome to the Gentle Hands-on Introduction to Python course setup and its material.
We provide links to the full material of our f2f or online course but you could also use the material in an e-learning manner.

If you’d like to follow this course in a self-paced manner, firstly, install the software we will be using on your local computer. A video tutorial is available via YouTube.

If you are using VSCodium: Download the course materials from here. Then unzip them somewhere on your computer that is not a network drive.
Subsequently, open this folder in VSCodium.

Or: if, for whatever reason, these options do not work for you then you can use your Google account to access Google Colab.
You can start the first notebook of the June 2023 edition here. Subsequent chapters will be linked at the bottom of this notebook.

Any questions: please contact us at