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This material is linked to an online training. It is not intended to be followed via e-learning only because not all info is here.


Data sets

Tools used during this course


Software for ChipSeq

Software for variant calling

Toy data sets for variant calling

The data sets of the variant analysis training. These are human paired-end data of the 1000 genomes project (sample ID: NA18507):

  • the two files at the bottom consist of reads that map to chromosome 21
  • the two files in the middle contain randomly picked 10% of the reads of the previous files (even smaller and therefore suited for mapping)
  • the two files at the top contain randomly picked 1% of the reads of the two files with reads that map to chromosome 21.

These are small, workable files that were generated based on real DNASeq data.

Software for metagenomics

Software for bisulfite sequencing analysis

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