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The ‘always-on culture’ of remote working combined with our ‘novelty seeking brain’ makes it sometimes hard to truly disconnect from work. We all stay ‘on’ sometimes when a deadline approaches.There is nothing wrong with that. After all, we all have our own disconnection style. Some of us prefer to work in the evening so we can run errands during the day, while others like to keep a tighter line between work and private life.

But being always connected can have a big impact on both our concentration during work and the ability to mentally disconnect from work. From over-stimulation, (techno)stress to even concentration problems.

That’s why it’s important to approach disconnection from multiple angles. In this toolbox, you’ll find various concrete exercises that can help you or the entire team to disconnect more consciously and to recover more effectively.

Think about your biggest disconnection challenge and pick the exercise that helps you the most. Good luck!

Which action do you want to take?

In this toolbox, you will find various concrete exercises that can help you or the entire team to disconnect more consciously and effectively and to recover more effectively!

Depending on whether you want to focus more on optimizing tools or meetings, or if you want to focus on better recovery, you can choose a different exercise.

The exercises in this toolbox can be used individually or as a team to initiate the conversation about disconnection, create good practices and make agreements.