Benefits of Data Sharing

From Overcoming obstacles to sharing research data by Brian Hole, licensed under CC BY 4.0

Indeed, there are many benefits to sharing data:

Access, Re-use & Recognition

  • Facilitating future research by allowing others to build on or add to your research data.
From Facts and Figures for Open Research Data
  • Enhancing research visibility and impact and increasing citations of research data and of publications based on that data.

  • Accelerating Scientific discovery
    • Just three weeks after the first viral sequence was published, more than 42 different genomes are available on Nextstrain” (CBC)
    • Using open source tools and public cyberinfrastructure for transparent, reproducible analyses of viral datasets: the Galaxy Project


  • Increasing your research efficiency by saving time and resources.
  • Supporting research integrity and reproducibility

  • Preventing duplication of effort by enabling others to use your data.
    • ‘We’re opening everything’: Scientists share coronavirus data in unprecedented way to contain, treat disease” – CBC
  • Respecting conventions regarding filenames and folder structure.
  • Efficient use of resources: ‘The cost of not having FAIR research data costs the European economy at least €10.2bn every year
From Cost-benefit analysis for FAIR research data

Quality & Security

  • Ensuring the integrity and reproducibility of your research.
  • Ensuring that research data and records are accurate, complete, authentic and reliable.
  • Enhancing data security and minimising the risk of data loss.


  • Meeting legal obligations, restrictions and codes of conduct.
  • Meeting the University policy for research data requirements.
  • Meeting funding body grant requirements.
  • Meeting publisher requirements for data access.

Career Recognition

Shift from ‘publishing as fast as possible’ to ‘sharing knowledge as early as possible’, adapting reward and evaluation systems.

Open Science must become part of the recruitment criteria, career progression and grant assessment procedures for researchers at all levels

EC Expert Group on Reward Systems on Open Science

Recognition and reward mechanisms (…), as well as incentives promoting the adoption of open science practices

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