Gene ID mapping

Tools for functional analysis take genes or proteins as input. These genes/proteins are not represented by sequences (unless you are looking for motifs) but by gene or protein IDs. There is an enormous diversity in databases that provide these IDs: Ensembl, Genbank, RefSeq, Uniprot, hugo gene symbols, PDB… Each tool accepts a specific set of […]

ONT applications

Slides Human ONT’s white paper on applications of nanopore sequencing in human: Plants ONT’s white paper on applications of nanopore sequencing in plants: Literature

ONT technology

Slides Technology ONT sequencing is done on flow cells which contain tiny holes (nanopores). Each nanopore corresponds to its own electrode connected to a chip, which measures the electric current that flows through the nanopore. Electrophoresis is used to drive a DNA or RNA strand through the pore. An enzyme controls the rate at which […]

Comparison of platforms

The main characteristics of spatial technologies are: Number of targets and resolution are inversely correlated: Targeted technologies can work with fixed panels of targets or they can allow you to compose your own panel of targets.

Untargeted technologies

Untargeted means that all transcripts or proteins are profiled. They are used to make new discoveries e.g. discover new cell types, new pathways in a tissue…