Exercise 1: Simple Gene Expression Study

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In my qPCR experiment I want to study the expression of 12 genes of interest in 8 samples of interest. I want to use 2 PCR replicates for each reaction.

How many 96 well plates do I need for this experiment ?

I have 12 genes in 8 samples which gives a total of 96 reactions (one plate). I want to perform each reaction twice (2 PCR replicates) so I need two plates. However, I need to include reference genes in my experiment, preferably more than one. I can put these reference genes on a separate plate, I do not have to include them on each plate.
Ideally, you need to include 3 reference genes so having 8 samples and 2 replicates this gives an additional 48 reactions. Thus, I need three 96 well plates to perform this experiment.

Do I need to include IRCs (inter-run calibrators) ?
No, I can easily fit all samples of the same gene on the same plate so I don’t need to include IRCs.