Exercise 4: A Growing Study

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In my qPCR experiment I want to study the pattern of expression of 24 genes (genes of interest and reference genes) in 48 samples (samples of interest and control samples). I want to use 2 PCR replicates for each reaction.

| How many genes can I analyze on one 384 well plate ? |
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| 48 samples * 2 replicates = 96 reactions per gene.
I can analyze 4 genes on each 384 well plate.

Each week I receive 2 additional samples to analyze.

| Do I analyze them immediately after I get them ? |
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| No. Since the samples are placed on different plates as in the previous experiment, you have to use IRCs. You typically need 3 IRCs and a no template control sample. It means that if you want to analyze these 2 samples you have to include 4 additional samples for each gene. This is a lot of overhead for just 2 samples !
Try to avoid this: it’s better to wait a few weeks until you have 6 or 8 or even more samples.