About RefGenes

Since normalization of qPCR data is based on the assumption that the reference targets have the same expression level in all samples it is crucial that the expression of the chosen reference genes is stable. However, none of the so-called housekeeping genes is universally stably expressed.

Genevestigator, both the commercial and the free version, contains a tool, called RefGenes, that allows to identify candidate reference genes that display very stable expression in the context that you are working in, typically a certain tissue of a certain organism.

Genevestigator is a platform that contains curated public microarray data from thousands of experiments/conditions.

RefGenes allows you to select the conditions that are relevant for you, e.g. mouse liver, human fibroblasts, or Arabidopsis thaliana leaves. In a next step, RefGenes identifies the genes with the most stable expression in the selected conditions.