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2. Documenting and Organizing Data
3. Storing Data and Data Security
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Data Management Cost Guide

When you plan your research you may not be able to oversee all costs involved. Nevertheless, it is useful to have an idea of possible costs at an early stage. You can use the guide Costs Overview, attached to this page. This is a practical overview of possible costs per activity within each phase of the research process.

Note: The Cost Guide offers cost indications and examples. These are not real prices.

Budget Your Data Management Costs

You are advised to budget the data management costs as separate data management costs. These costs are eligible for funding with funders like FWO and the European Commission, as long as the costs are invoiced before the end of the project.

Planning Can Save Time and Money

Planning an early start for certain activities within your research project can lower the costs for data management in the run of your project. You can save time by:

  • Properly describing your data while collecting it, instead of doing it afterwards
  • Choosing the right file format so that file conversion afterwards is not necessary
  • Hiring an experienced data manager

Spending time to think about data activities beforehand can help prevent unexpected extra efforts and costs later on in your research project.

Check Current and Expected Costs for Your Research Data

You have just learned that in many parts of a research project there are data related costs. These costs depend on the type and volume of data you produce, analyse and store.