1. Preparing a DMP
2. Documenting and Organizing Data
3. Storing Data and Data Security
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Good File Management

In this short video Jeff Haywood, professor at the University of Edinburg, explains his experiences with good and bad file management.

At the start of a research project, it is easy to believe that you’ll remember what name you gave a file and where you put it. However, once your research gets under way you may have collected multiple files in various formats, multiple versions and multiple forms such as websites, citations, blogs, articles, methodologies, notes, spreadsheets, etc. Good file management practices enable you to identify, locate and use your research data files efficiently and effectively. It is good practice to name your records according to agreed conventions such as group file naming protocols. This will not only make file naming easier for you and colleagues because you will not have to ‘rethink’ the process each time; it will also allow you to share your files in a share file space without confusion.