1. Preparing a DMP
2. Documenting and Organizing Data
3. Storing Data and Data Security
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Theme 1 Data Description

This section contains the following questions:

  • Will you generate/collect new data and/or make use of existing data?
  • Describe the origin, type and format of the data (per dataset) and its (estimated) volume.

Here are a few tips:

  • Only provide answers relating to research data (not publications, presentations, etc.)
  • Remember: ‘research data’ come in many different forms!
  • Break down and list your data types conveniently: e.g. by technique, purpose, phase, …
  • Provide enough details for outsiders to understand the sort of data involved:
  • content, digital/non-digital, raw/processed, …
  • specify file formats (e.g. .csv, .txt, .docx, …)
  • specify data source/collection methods (e.g. experimental, observational, simulation, …)