1. Preparing a DMP
2. Documenting and Organizing Data
3. Storing Data and Data Security
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What is DMPOnline?

Have a look at the video below for a general introduction on DMPOnline:

DMPonline is an international online service that guides you in creating a DMP by answering a series of questions about your research project. It allows you to create, share, store, and revise your data management plans online. You will be asked to complete different sections of your DMP as we go through the other modules. As a result you will have written your own data management plan at the end of this course.

With DMPonline you can:

  • Write your plan and keep it up-to-date
    You can easily update your DMP throughout the lifecycle of a project
  • Share plans online
    DMPonline allows collaborative access, so you can share your DMP with other researchers, within and outside of your university.
  • Create multiple plans
    You can store different DMPs for different projects. And you can make a copy of a previous plan as the basis for writing a new one.
  • Download plans
    You can download your DMP in a variety of formats.

We recommend that graduate researchers share their data management plans with their supervisor(s).